Civil Funding FAQs

Funding is Simple & Easy

What is P I Funder?

Personal Injury Funder (P I Funder) provides funding to injured plaintiffs and other civil cases. We also provide probate and trust inheritance funding. We have a very efficient platform and business model. This enables us to provide funding to plaintiffs at markedly lower financing compared to traditional and other "upstart" firms.

What is a funding transaction?

A funding transaction is a purchase contract. P I Funder intially purchases an "ownership interest-amount" in a seller-plaintiff's legal rights case-matter equal to the amount funded. The ownership amount increases at a specific rate of return. Unlike other funding companies, however, the financing cost at P I Funder is more reasonable. Lower financing costs make the settlement of cases much easier to negotiate and resolve.

How do I complete a Step 1 Application?

We have a platform application process. This enables us to maintain a lower cost structure to benefit plaintiff-sellers. Simply navitage to the menu item My Application (Step 1). The application takes just a few minutes. It may be completed by you or your attorney. We will promptly review the application and provide a response thereto.

Are P I Funder transactions considered "loans"?

No. They are different. A traditional loan involves a mandatory obligation to repay. P I Funder transactions are contingent upon a successful recovery. Thus, they do not require repayment when a plaintiffs case-matter results in no financial benefit by way of settlement, trial, etc.... This is the primary difference, and there are others.

What types of injury cases qualify for funding?

Most civil case types. Mainly except for workers compensation cases, as they are largely restricted by the laws in many states.

Is funding available if I have not yet filed a courtcase?

Most of the time, a case must be filed. There are some exceptions. Specifically, for cases not yet filed by lawfirms and attorneys that have a solid track record with P I Funder of promptly filing and handling cases.
As a general rule, unfiled cases greatly increase the risk of non-payment. We do this in order to keep overall funding costs down for "filed cases."

Do I owe repayment if I do not recover a financial benefit from my legal rights or courtcase-matter?

No. Repayment of the funding amount plus finance charges is conditioned upon a successful financial result of your case. If you do not receive a financial benefit, then nothing is owed to P I Funder.

What is the next step after my Step 1 Application is approved?

You or your attorney can use the platform to quickly upload various items that will enable a P I Funder Team Member to evaluate, or "underwrite", whether your case will qualify for funding.

What amount of funding can I obtain?

The general rule of thumb is approximately 10% of the anticpated and estimated financial settlement or recovery of your case can be provided as funding.

Will I receive funding if my Step 1 Application is approved?

Maybe. The Step 1 Application is an evaluation tool that enables us to understand the merits of injury case in terms of funding. A tentative funding determination is not made until after the completion of the Step 2 - Underwriting Upload process.

Per the Funding Contract, funding will occur after a few quick data checks confirm the accuracy of the information provided to P I Funder in the Plaintiff-Attorney signed Purchase Doc. Pkg.. (Note that funding will not occur if P.I.Funder finds material information discrepancies in the data provided.)
If no information discrepancies are found, Funding will occur after all parties, including P I Funder, have signed and forwarded the fully integrated signed Funding Doc. Pkg..

After I complete my Step 1 Application, when may I login to the Platform?

If we approve the Step 1 Application, a notification by email will be sent. You and your attorney will then be able to login (via your account) to the platform to proceed to Step 2 Underwriting Uploads.

Will my attorney have access to my P I Funder Platform login?

Initially, yes. As a general rule, attorneys and their assistants are able to quickly apply and provide the necessary documentation on your bahalf. After the application is approved at Step 1, you will be able to change your password. You can decide whether or not to continue sharing your password with your attorney.

Do Attorneys that apply for their Plaintiff-Clients have to submit a Step 1 Application from the "outside" of the Platform for each new client-application?

No. We save the underlying administrative information for each attorney after the first application. Once that information is complete and correct, we automatically create an attorney only account. Attorneys can then login to their own account to apply for funding for new clients (e.g. Plaintiff 2, Plaintiff 3, etc....). Just the new Plaintiff-Client information is required at that time.

Are attorneys able to keep track of their Plaintiff-Clients funding transactions?

Yes. Each attorney receives the same emails as their Plaintiff-Clients. After funding, attorneys can simply use the My Client Services menu in their attorney only accounts. Just pull up a master client list to display the important details from each of their Plaintiff-Clients transactions.

How does the Step 2 Underwriting-Upload process work?

It is super simple. If the underlying client documents are ready for uploading, the upload process takes about 60 seconds. And 60 seconds is a generous estimate - most of the time 100-plus PDF pages of uploads takes less than 20 seconds!

How do my attorney and I sign the Step 3 Purchase Doc. Pkg. (online or offline)?

Once you receive a Funding Approval letter after Step 2, you and your attorney will automatically receive an email with the Step 3 Purchase Doc. Pkg. PDF attached thereto. This offline PDF may be signed and uploaded to the Platform. Or you and your attorney may login to the Platform, navigate to the Step 3 Sign Purchase Doc. Pkg. menu item, and each of you can sign the documents online (note that separate signatures are required, so you must return to the menu item after the first signature).

Are payoff demands possible via the Platform?

Yes. Since we have a very competitive pricing model thanks to the Platform efficiencies, reduced payoff demands are the exception rather than the norm. We have both an offline PDF and online process for requesting a payoff demand.
If you or your attorney want a regular payoff demand for any reason, simply login and request one via the menu item My Payoff Demand (online or offline PDF).

Do I have to use the Step 2 Undewriting Upload process for P I Funder to consider my funding request?

You may use any method to get the requisite uploads and underwriting documents to us for review. The Platform process is the most efficient, and can result in the quickest possible determination of your funding request.

How long does it take to receive funding?

We strive to resolve each case within one-half to a full business day. The Step 1 Application process takes minutes. Once the application information is received, we review it as timely as possible. If approved, you will receive instructions to upload items under the Step 2 Underwriting Uploads process. We then work to quickly evalute the uploaded information. If funding is tentatively approved, you and your attorney must sign the Step 3 Purchase Doc. Pkg. (offline or online). After a few brief verifications of the information provided, and after P I Funder signs and sends out the fully integrated Purchase Doc. Pkg., funds can be sent out. Or you can use the Platform to set-up a no-cost pick-up time of your funding check.

What is the difference between an application approval (after Step 1) and a funding approval (after Step 2)?

Funding approval occurs after we consider the documentation received under the Step 2 Underwriting Upload process. If you recieve funding approval, then you and your attorney must sign the Step 3 Purchase Doc. Pkg. (offline or online). In contrast, a Step 1 Application Approval does not result in a funding determination. Funding is provided after a few last data checks and after P I Funder has signed and distributed the fully integrated Purchase Doc. Pkg..

If my funding request has not been approved because my courtcase was not filed, what do I do after my case is filed?

Whether your application was not yet approved at Step 1 or Step 2 because a case has not been filed, we have a simple form that allows you to provide us with your case number. It takes just seconds. We will then promptly reconsider the request.

After I receive my funding amount, how do I keep track of the P I Funder ownership repayment amount?

You will receive this information before signing the Step 3 Purchase Doc. Pkg.. After funding, you may also just login to the plaform using your account credentials to deremine the repayment amount. Navigate to your profile. The repayment amount is listed there.
Attorney only accounts will also display each of their clients repayment schedules. Just login and proceed to My Client Services.

Why doesn't P I Funder use outside loan brokers?

Unlike many of the "established and newcomer" funding firms, P I Funder does not use outside loan brokers. The reason is simple. Outside "funding brokers" want a steep slice of the "financing pie". Plaintiffs obviously must repay brokers from the overall - "jacked up" - financing. Established and newcomer funding firms that deploy an army of brokers are unapologetic about raising overall funding financing costs to plainitiffs. But that is if these firms even disclose the use of brokers! The bottom line is truly sad. Brokers make funding more expensive. Cases become much more difficult to resolve later on. Plaintiff recipients pay this extra price to the established and newcomer funding firms.

Why doesn't P IFunder charge up-front fees and costs out-of-pocket?

No out-of-pocket fees and costs are due before funding, except for possible funding delivery charges (e.g. FedEx, any bank transfer fees, etc....) All other fees and costs are built into the overall financing costs, and are due when the P I Funder ownership amount is repaid.

How quickly does P I Funder remove info from my DocVault after Step 2 Underwriting Uploads?

Very quickly. As soon as a final funding determination is made, we take the necessary steps to secure all uploaded information off the platform. As a California finance lender, by law we are required to retain your information for a certian number of years.

Does P I Funder also provide litigation and fee funding to attorneys?

We are working on it. As a disruptive startup, our first product is funding transactions for plaintiffs. We are also developing several other products, including case funding for attorneys. As always, we will bring our platform efficiencies to maximize the cost savings for all products.

May I obtain more than one funding transaction?

The short answer is - It depends. We are always willing to consider additional funding. The platform has a feature to consider additional funding requests.

How quickly does an attorney receive an attorney only account?

Almost immediately. Whether or not Client1 of attorney is approved or not, so long as the info. is correct and checks out. The attorney will receive an attorney only account. Additional applications for his or her Client2, Client3, etc... are submitted from inside the attorney only account. This saves a ton of time for everyone.

Does My Primary Attorney Law Office Email under the Plaintiff's Platform Username-Account have to Receive All Transactional Related Emails?

If you want to. So long as an attorney has both a "primary" and "secondary" law office email account.

How does this work? Unless the password is changed for a Plaintiffs P I Funder Platform-Username Account, the Plaintiff, Attorney, and Attorney Assistant will have access to the Plaintiffs login credentials. This makes it easy for the attorney assistant to expeditiously assist a Plaintiff to respond to inquiries, uploads, and sign the funding contract. The Attorney must also login to the Plaintiff account to sign the funding contract.

Each Plaintiff P I Funder Platform Username-Account has a primary email (plaintiffs), an attorney email, and an attorney-assistant email.

nOur new feature adds a new "limited attorney email" just for "important" notifications. This requires an attorney to have two email accounts - primary and secondary. The primary email will receive the limited notifications. The secondary email will receive all notifications.

All transactional related emails destined for an attorney can instead be sent to a "secondary" email under the Attorney Law Office email system. The attorney can then use his or her "primary" Attorney Law Office email as the email under the Plaintiff's Account using the "Limited Notice Attorney Email".

This feature comes in handy when an Attorney has multiple Plaintiff Funding Transactions with P I Funder. In each Plaintiffs P I Funder Account, just insert the Attorney's Law Office primary email address as the "Limited Notice Attorney Email", and insert the Attorney's Law Office secondary email address as the "regular" attorney email. The attorney will have 100% of all emails sent to his or her secondary law office email, and just the "important" transactions sent to his or her primary law office email. The attorney assistant-paralegal will continue to receive all emails for each Plaintiff.

P I Funder generates "transactional" emails during the funding application process. Attorneys can limit these emails to a few core-basic transactions.

When a Funding Contract is signed, why do the "established and newcomer" funding companies charge Plaintiffs post-settlement (AFTER REPAYMENT!!!!) interest for up to nearly six months?

In contrast to many "established and newcomer" funding firms, we do not charge funding financing "after the intended repayment date" to some arbitrary six month "milestone repayment date." So if a settlement is to occur in month "1" of the "6" month block repayment period, only the other funding firms charge for the entire "6" months of interest.

How is this possible? This occurs because the initial contracts that Plaintiffs and Attorneys sign from day one require a full period of interest even if the settlement occurs on the first day into the new block period. The Attorney is then left in a situation where they unwittingly approved interest charges to a Plaintiff-Client for up to five plus months after an actual settlement date.

Worse, even if a Plaintiff is "lucky" enough to submit a "reduced payoff demand", these "established and newcomer" funding firms often create unnecessary delays (days to weeks) to "graciously consider" whether to entertain requests to possibly "reduce" interest-finance charges that should never have been charged in the first place!

In the precarious meantime, settlements are often on the brink, Plaintiffs are besides themselves, and valuable Attorney time is spent haggling for no reason. P I Funder avoids such a calamity in the first instance by not charging uneecessary interest for post-settlement time periods.

Why are licensed finance lending firms not "limited" to a state mandated "usury" or maximum interest rate-finance charge?

The simple-basic answer is that the funding contracts have a risk component that does not involve a mandatory obligation to repay the funding provided. This removes usury from the equation.

After Receiving My Step 2 Funding Approval Letter, and After My Attorney and I have signed the Step 3 Funding Doc. Pkg., when will funding occur?

The short answer is after a few last confirming data checks, and after P I Funder has signed the Purchase Doc. Pkg. and distributed the fully signed and integrated Purchase Doc. Pkg.. See FAQ - Will I receive funding if my Step 1 Application is approved? - for when funding occurs.

Why doesn't P I Funder provide legal services and/or direct, assist, control, or otherwise help my attorney concerning my rights and-or courtcase?

P I Funder is not acting as your attorney or legal advisor. We do not direct, assist, control or otherwise help your attorney do anything. All we do is provide funding by purchasing an interest in your case. We also conduct some post-funding follow-up seeking a status update from your attorney as a progress report for the anticipated future repayment. We are also not tax advisors and provide no tax advice to Plaintiffs and-or Attorneys. You must consult your own tax expert for the tax ramifications and implications for any and all P I Funder transactions.

My attorney has filed my personal injury case, but we are missing some information, may I still receive funding?

Maybe. It depends upon what information is missing. If we have a solid track record with a particular attorney, the changes for receiving may increase. We encourage funding applicants to apply when they need funding. If we do need additional information and-or documentation before proceeding, we have a quick and easy process for you or your attorney to login and provide an update.

I am interested in obtaining funding, what do I do first? And where do I go?

Simple. Just go to the P I Funder home page. Complete and send the Quick Quote. Or go to the Step 1 - My Application menu item. Fill it out. Submit it. Bingo! We will begin processing your application. For attorneys, you will receive your own P I Funder Account to directly submit additional Step 1 Applications while logged in.

I submitted a Step 1 Application, what happens if I get lost and don't know what to do next?

We have plenty of resources. Our platform was built with a "tiered" structure. This means you only see what is necessary at the step you are currently at.

Once logged in, you just need to check your last email from P I Funder. The email will explain where you are at procedurally. There are logged in home page buttons to take you to the right place to complete the next steps. Most attorney assistants will quickly learn how to navigate the Platform. Our you can contact your designated Team Member.

What is a permissible use of my funding proceeds?

Basic necessities (food shelter etc) or other personal uses (not for this claim or prosecution thereof). This needs to be confirmed by each Plaintiff-Seller on the Application. The response is also included as a representation in the Purchase Agreement.

Are my attorney and I legally entitled to electronically sign the funding documents on the P I Funder platform in order to receive funding?

Yes. And we enable the use of real signatures, not those dorky docusign random signatures. P IFunder complies with the relevant laws with respect to the enforceability of electronic signatures by you and your attorney for the P I Funder Purchase Doc. Pkg..

My attorney and I signed the Purchase Doc. Pkg, I received my funds, when and how may I cancel the transaction?

You have 10 days to both cancel the agreement and to return to P I Funder all funds (including delivery charges which were not deducted from the funding which P I Funder paid on your behalf.) You can notify us of the cancellation in writing at You will also need to return the funds (plus any delivery charges paid by P I Funder) to P I Funder within 10 calendar days. We also provide up to three additional days for the returned funds to clear. We will then cancel the funding agreement.