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  • "For many years, we have been in an era of super-low cost financing for nearly all financing products. Astonishingly, the traditional and startup Legal Funding Firms still 'get away with' typically charging injured plaintiffs 80% to 120% in real money annual financing charges. They even secretly slap one-to-five months of unnecessary financing charges for time periods extending after the date a plaintiff wants to repay their funding. These are extra funding charges over already high to date financing charges."
  • "PI Funder has a sensible, core mission - To bring economic and platform efficiences to dramatically lower funding transaction costs and greatly reduce attorney administration time (via our streamlined, largely attorney-plaintiff based, online platform) in satisfying the funding needs of their cleints. Injured persons and other civil plaintiffs will benefit as cases should be easier to settle and recoveries maximized. The days of generating millions of dollars of excessive and fat profits - off the backs of injured persons and for the traditional funding firms - are gone!"
  • Robert Shiri, J.D., CEO of P I Funder.
    Shiri brings over 28 years of experience dedicated to maximizing settlements and verdicts for injured plainitffs.

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